Welcome to Claim It Live It

Claim It Live It is a Healing & Coaching Services Company for Women 

About Amanda Bresee

Claim It Live It is Owned & Operated by Amanda Bresee and located in Turner, Oregon. Amanda has been coaching clients for over 8 years and doing energy healings for over 5 years.

I am conveniently located near Portland, Albany, Salem and Eugene Oregon.  I provide energy healings and on-on-one coaching services to women.

All of my coaching sessions are done over the phone.  For healing sessions I provide in-person services at a local boutique in Salem, Oregon.  For healing services that are outside of my local area, I am able to provide distance healings as well.

My deepest passion is to work with busy, professional, entrepreneurial, business-minded women.  Women who are looking for personal and professional growth, balance, deeper fulfillment, more success, and a dedicated support system.

As professional, entrepreneurial women we tend to take on more than we can possibly manage.  We give and give without thinking to give to ourselves.  We’re surrounded with expectations from others and heavy schedules.  Many of us have had, or still carry around past trauma that undermines our worthiness, self-love, and self-belief. 

All of these things can keep a strong, capable, exceptional woman from truly loving herself, and from her deepest potential and happiness. 

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If you’re ready to claim more from your life.
If you’re ready to have more success and deeper life fulfillment.
If you’re ready to meet the deepest, happiest, most beautiful, authentically,
empowered you, then you’re in the right place.

Claim It Live It services can help you:

  • Gain more balance, productivity, success and self-love
  • Clear out subconscious blocks that may be keeping you from deeper happiness
  • Attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want
  • Uncover your dreams and then together, create attainable goals to reach them
  • Move through self-sabotage and self-sacrifice that you may not even know is there
  • Show you how to start loving and cherishing yourself unconditionally – no more secret body shaming
  • Finally…help you find healing from emotional pain from the past & any physical pain in the body

Testimonials from my clients