The Sacrificial Woman Explored

Claim It Live It

Claim It Live It is a women’s empowerment company focused on speaking, coaching and teaching women how to create a life that they truly LOVE through the concepts of healing, balance, self-love and their own power to create.  We specialize in VIP coaching and inspirational speaking.

We are a company based out of Turner, Oregon.  Claim It Live It was developed by Amanda Bresee in January 2011.

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Our Vision

To be a sacred place for women to heal, grow and transform their lives.

About Amanda Bresee


Amanda Bresee is a passionate woman with a deep drive to make a monumental impact in the lives of women all over the world.  

She is a Women’s Empowerment Expert;  Coach, Speaker, Intuitive Healing Practitioner, and the owner of Claim It Live It.  

Over the last 6 years Amanda has helped over 100 individuals reach higher levels of personal and professional fulfillment and success through VIP Coaching.  She helps her clients radically step into their highest possibility. 

Many of her clients feel stuck, unhappy, empty, lost, or are experiencing physical pain. Most of these symptoms link to a need for deep healing.  Healing that needs to happen before their life can change for the better.  One of the deepest most personal things that Amanda does for her clients is intuitive energy healing.  You can learn more about Intuitive Energy Healing here.

Amanda has impacted thousands all over the U.S. by speaking on telesummits and radio shows, at state-wide conferences, local chambers and small business events both in-person and virtually.

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Amanda has over 21 years of experience in business;  working in customer service, sales and promotion, social media marketing, strategic business development, creating partnerships and helping raise funds for community projects and non-profits.

Amanda has also spent the last 6 years working in her own coaching business; earning  marketing, content writing, social media management, branding, graphic design, financials, servicing clients, and more.

Amanda’s life and professional experience, intuitive abilities, compassion, supportive accountability, non-judgement, and passion for business brainstorming provides a powerful ally and support system for her clients.  You can see testimonials of her work here.

Amanda loves spending time with her friends and family, being in nature, gardening, playing tennis, disc golf, dancing, yoga, and most of all… connecting, supporting, healing, and empowering women.

A personal message. . .

I heal people emotionally and physically so they can step through the energetic blocks that they cannot always see;  blocks that can inhibit them from moving forward, building a happier life.

Blocks that can keep them from loving each and every moment that this life has to offer regardless of the circumstances surrounding them.
I show people how to step into their value as a person, so they can attract more happiness and success into their life. 

I help people radically step into their own possibility, take responsibility, action, and pride in their own power to create.

I help guide my clients through the fear, self-sabotage, uncertainty, and paralysis that comes up when they try to claim something bigger than they think they “deserve“.

I am compassion, inspiration, accountability, love and dedication to my clients.  I hold a sacred space of non-judgement for my clients to release pain, release doubt, find personal value, grow…all without attachment or expectation of them.

I am a guide, a supporter, a creator, a coach and an intuitive energy healer, and I am blessed to be doing this work!” 


Amanda Bresee