How Being Child-Like Boosted My Productivity

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The reluctance to put away childish things may be a requirement of genius. ~Rebecca Pepper


You read that right.  Being “child-like” boosted my productivity!  Have you ever wondered if the things that others deem as child-like may in fact be the pieces to enjoying life more, or do you believe that child-like things are something to simply let go of?

There are so many things that we learn as a child. The experiences that we go through are part of the foundation for our life. However, it seems to pass by so quickly.

How many of you ever wish you could go back to being a child if only for a day? To simply play without worry, stress, or fear? To build things with your imagination, create works of art out of recycled materials, run, jump, laugh, dance, play in the dirt, play with things that you love, to feel uninhibited and to be able to embrace this idea of play.

One day a few years ago I clearly remember sitting at my desk trying to write and feeling overwhelmed and stuck. At that same moment my youngest daughter was sitting in the living room watching her favorite television show. I knew that she wanted to play, yet I felt compelled to sit there at my desk and forge on; after all, it was my “work time”.

Finally, I realized that I wasn’t getting anywhere so I turned my attention to my daughter. She wanted to dance, so I turned on some of our favorite music and we began to jump around, dancing and singing  the lyrics at the highest octave we could muster.

We were being silly, we were being active, and in just a few moments we were both beaming with smiles, laughter and an abundance of overflowing energy.

Instantly, the idea that I had been waiting for burst into my mind with the most amazing clarity and fine detail. In that moment, I realized the act of being playful and child-like was actually my key to productivity, as well as a connection to my daughter.

By breaking away from the expectations of my work for only moments, I found the answers I had been waiting for hours. I created a new memory with my daughter, my body felt great from laughing, jumping, dancing and singing, and I added more energy to my day.

Now, 6 years later I still take time to play even when my to-do list is a mile high. Why? Because it invigorates and renews me.

We can’t go back to being the children we once were, but I challenge you to start finding things that you love to do again. Even if it’s only for a moment, for an hour, a day, or even taking time away just for yourself.

Embrace your inner child and begin uncovering your creativity, your playful heart, and the things that bring you joy.  It may be the answer to your own productivity too.  

I’d love to hear your challenges when it comes to productivity as well as the things that you’ve found to boost your own productivity.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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