When Affirmations Don’t Work

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Affirmations are soul healing, empowering and can be life changing.  They are found all over our social media networks.

They are beautifully intentioned and have the power to re-wire the brain, change your beliefs, heal your soul and change your reality.  Many may hit the heart of what you’re going through in this very moment.  They may be speaking to a dream or perspective that you are reaching for.  They are affirmations like:

“I am healthy, happy and deserve abundance.”

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How Expectations Can Bring Heartbreak

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This morning after having sessions with two of my beloved coaching clients, I saw a VERY clear message.  It seems like many of you might be going through this same thing… right now.

Today was a  VERY strong reminder that releasing expectations of others allows us to be SO much happier.  

I will go into more depth on how this works in a minute so if you’re intrigued… just stick with me.  keep reading...