All you need is trust

Divine Message: Your Deepest Happiness is Here, All You Need is Trust

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Your deepest happiness is here.  All you need is to trust, to be, and to love yourself. 

Feel nature.  Feel the energy around you.  Feel your connection to others.  Feel the air tickle your skin.  Feel your guides and angels all around.  They are here to remind us.  They are here to hold our hands and lead us back to our truth.

This was the message that I got this morning while sitting in the sun on my sidewalk outside my front door.  A message that I was meant to share with you!

And, it all hinges on TRUST.

Having faith is all about trust.

The term:  “Have faith” is widely used.  But, what does it mean?  To have faith in a God or a bigger power outside of yourself?  To have faith that things will work out in your favor?  To have faith that you’re following the right path?  Having faith is all about trust.

It’s not that you’re following a higher being, but that you are being lead by your own higher being.  You are just as divine as God, as nature, as Spirit, as the whole universe in fact.  As you are a piece of it all, made up of it all, and able to connect to it all.  We ALL are.  This was the message.

You are like a star in the sky, made up of countless stars.  Together we are breathtaking.  Claim your place.  This is divine truth.

Extreme bliss is within you.  You have all of the power.  TRUST and accept, and you will fill it.  This was the message.

Your ability to create is within you.  Let your heart dream and know that all will be, when it’s meant to be. 

Trust that all is done in your favor.

All is done in your favor.  All that brings joy and bliss.  All that brings pain and despair.  It is ALL in your favor.  it brings growth, expansion and transformation.  Trust in the process and let your soul evolve.  This was the message.

You are always on the right path.  One choice may seem harder than others but each path is perfect. Each path has it’s own experiences that will lead you to the soul growth that you have chosen before even coming to this place.

Trust in your own power and wisdom.

You are a magnificent being of light.  You have the ability to connect so deeply with all others…you must trust.

You hold deep beautiful wisdom on how to heal your life and body.  You must believe.  Listen and then act in love.  If you ever feel lost.  Know that you are not lost.  You are your own light.  Listen to your heart and trust the messages that you are hearing and you will find your way again.

To trust, to be, and to love…this is all that you need.

All that you need is to trust, love, and the willingness to see yourself and accept yourself.  To see your beauty, to see your strength, to see yourself as a gift.  Trust in this truth.  It may be covered up but start to believe and you will begin to see.

This month during my Guided Meditation & Healing Circle we will be discussing this topic of trust.  Trust in your path, in your inner knowing, and in your experiences.  It will be another powerful class!  If you’re in the Salem, Oregon area please come join us!  Also, if you ever need help one-on-one, I am here.  I can help you uncover all of these truths.  Reach out if you feel the need.  Sign up for a free 20 minute consult and I will be there.

With Divine Love & Support,

Amanda Bresee

P.S I’d love to hear your thoughts, feelings, experiences or reactions related to this post.  Leave a comment below.

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