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I Felt Lighter...

lighter more easeI was working with Amanda when a series of very tough events happened all at once.  I felt confused and lost and it felt like there was a huge weight on an elephant sitting on my chest. I couldn't move, I was afraid to breathe.

After my coaching session and healing with her, the elephant was a horse and as the day went on it continued to get smaller and smaller and then it disappeared all together. I felt lighter, more at ease, and able to handle the reality of what was before me.

I could feel my energy flowing once again... would like to share my experience about Amanda's healing briefly.  I have always been open to alternative medicine, so this wasn't new to me.  I am a firm believer in positive and negative energy.

Her application of the singing bowl to get the chakras moving was very interesting. I could feel the ring tones traveling through my body.  When I awoke, I was very relaxed, had a calm peaceful feeling and I could feel my energy flowing once again.  Thank you Amanda!

Corwin Brown

I haven’t felt this good in a decade...

pain relief10 years of intense pain, 24 months total of physical therapy, and the conclusion by doctors that hardcore pain medicine was the only answer.  This was my situation when Amanda did the first Energy Healing on my lower back. 

After 20 minutes with her the pain went from a 10 to a 3, and in the 2nd session she took it down to a zero!  I’m now 5 sessions in, I’ve ditched my cane and haven’t felt this good in a decade.  Amanda has completely changed my life, I can never thank her enough.


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