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Let Amanda be your trusted advocate...

I’ve worked with Amanda Bresee twice so far, for business, life coaching, and energy healing work.

If you’re ready to be challenged, compassionately, to look deep into yourself and uncover your hidden talents and motivations, and reasons you may be holding yourself back, then I highly recommend letting Amanda be your trusted advocate.

She has a natural ability to make you feel safe and protected, even when sharing your most vulnerable self. I knew she was taking me places within myself that were hard to go to, but she is an Angel of Light, and my trust in her has led amazing breakthroughs in my life. Thank you Amanda.

Rob Patton

Things I wanted became effortless...’s 6 Steps to Clearing Blocks Method has been just perfect for my life right now. I have understood these principles that are outline for many years. Although, It was not until I sat down and went thru the process, that the things I wanted became effortless. I have seen a significant change in ALL my own personal relationships, my health, and financial stability in a very short period of time.


Amazed at how clearing blocks worked... had the privilege of using the 6 Steps to Clearing Blocks Method, with Amanda and I was amazed on how effectively it works. I would like to give a disclosure about the program and working with Amanda. Be ready for an amazing ride, if you are willing to open yourself up and allow yourself to move through the process.

When I did the process I wanted to clear the blocks and open myself up to a new career path. I have been in sales and marketing for over 5 years, and I needed something new. At first my thought process was I needed more money. Everything I needed became clear while using her method and while working with Amanda one-on-one. I found out money was the last thing I needed when I cleared out all my blocks.

Because I allowed myself to be open, the next day I was talking to a woman telling her about my work situation. She informed me she just posted a job opening and wanted me to look it over. When I went to her organization’s web site the job description looked like they wrote the position specifically for me.

With Amanda’s help I was able to a clear picture of what I truly needed. I was able to clear out blocks that were holding me back, and am now able to reach my goal. This has been amazing turn around in my life and I would highly suggest anyone to work one-on-one with Amanda.

Most of all, she taught me... that I AM beautiful

Sharon"I began working with Amanda when I was in a low point in my life, and certainly at a cross roads.  
I just didn’t know how to begin finding my "true self".  Never really thinking about “me", I went through the motions of life without really LIVING my life.  Sometimes I would begin a session with her, all confused and upset, but our sessions always ended with me seeing the truth of myself.  It all started to click and go in the right direction.

She was always able to get down to the deeper things that kept me blocked.  I’ve been in therapy for 15-16 years and within a few sessions she was able to get down to the core of me. I am so very thankful that I found Amanda.

She helped me to put the past behind me and concentrate on myself.  My TRUEself.  My authentic, beautiful self who DESERVED to be happy.  (That was a real tough one for me; just the word DESERVE).  She taught me to hold my sacred space, to ask my angels for help, to ask for divine guidance, to have faith, to manifest what I want. Most of all... she taught me that I AM beautiful."

She filled me with grace and acceptance....

Stephanie BavaroCan I just say that Amanda Bresee is MAGNIFICENT. I had a coaching call with her this evening and she poured into me.

She filled me with grace, acceptance and a loving reminder of my complete joy today. She is a treasure! THANK YOU!

Feeling a new sense of possibility and freedom...

"I found my session with Amanda tremendously clarifying. She created a space for me to speak about how I was feeling, without any fear of judgement. It was particularly helpful to hear my words reflected back to me, so that I could recognize and examine more closely my underlying beliefs.  I left the call feeling a new sense of possibility and freedom to create that which my heart desires! Thank you Amanda!"


Her gifts are multi-faceted...

"My session with Amanda helped to clarify key areas of my life that need attending to.  Her gifts to the evolution of our consciousness on the planet are multi-faceted, and she has an uncanny ability to perceive the growth challenges and consequent next steps needed for the growth of the individual in relation to self and others."


Thanks for teaching me to glow..

"By having Amanda as my coach, she allows me to have confidence in my own ability to attract all that is possible, and see it in others as well.

Who needs the sunshine when.... you look at all the sunshine you are attracting into your life on a daily basis!  Thanks for teaching me to glow”.

Amanda builds people up...

Rosie Wilgus"I have known Amanda for over 5 years, and I have been so impressed with her incredible initiative and attention to detail.  She leads by example and people find her enthusiasm and dedication inspiring and motivating. She builds people up and you can't help to want to be around that kind of motivating personality.

Amanda has the honesty, and integrity that has helped her build authentic relationships both professionally and personally.”

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