Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success?

Are You Sabotaging Your Success?

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Are you sabotaging your success?

Ever wonder why you feel blocked when you’re trying to move forward in your personal or professional goals?

It’s self-sabotage, I assure you.  I’ve been working with clients more than 6 years now and I see it all of the time.  We’ve all sabotaged ourselves from time to time.  Some do it more often than others and you probably know a few of these people who are sabotaging themselves regularly.  These are the people who seem to always have something going wrong in their life.  They never seem truly happy.  Their confidence is very low.  They talk about what they’re going to do but never seem to take any action.   They blame their situations on everyone or everything else, and it’s always out of their control.

This self-sabotage is there to keep us “safe”.  Safe from what you might ask?

Safe from fears that keep you from being successful, keep you from stretching beyond your comfort zone.  Fears that can affect everything that you do or don’t do.

Safe from facing other emotional demons that can come up like:  the belief that you’re not good enough, not deserving, or unworthy of deep fulfillment, love and happiness.

However, I assure you that his “safety” comes with a steep price and you may be paying it!  So, how do you know?  Do you feel blocked?  Do you feel like you just can’t attain what you so desperately want to attain in life or in your business?  If so, take some time to listen.

When you’re being faced with something that scares you, or makes you uncomfortable, what do you hear your inner critic saying?  What are the words that you’re saying to yourself?   Your ultimate power lies in that moment, when you become aware of your own inner critic.

In that moment you have the power to take control.  You have the ability to choose.  You are the master of your own mind.  Your mind is the projection of what your life is and what will be.  It all begins with YOU.  So, you can either choose to believe what you’re hearing or you can challenge it.  You and only you have the ability to question and challenge the current perceptions, beliefs and expectations that you hold for yourself.

My passion is to help people through this process.  If you think you’d like help.  If you’re looking for a mentor on how to move through your own emotional self-sabotage and you’re ready to start attracting everything you want into your life, email me for a free 20 min. consult.

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