The Sacrificial Woman Explored

The Sacrificial Woman Explored

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What is a sacrificial woman and why do I even bring this term into the light?  Let me start with what brought me to this term.  It may take me a bit to get there but I promise you’ll find some Tasty Takeaways through it all.

Last week was a VERY transformational week for me to say the least, and it’s affects are still shifting things for me every day since.

I was so blessed to get an invitation to an intimate lunch where I got to spend time with other successful women coaches.  From that lunch I met a fantastic woman from Portland named Patti Keating who among other things has a fantastic podcast called The Entrepreneur Unleashed.  So… I binged on it during my road trip up to Washington on my way to attend an all-day workshop with one of the top business coaches in the country:  Tommi Wolfe –  All for FREE!

Tasty Takeaway’s:
1)  Surround yourself with other successful people.
2)  Find mentors and accelerate your learning and success through podcasts.
3)  Not everything that’s EXTREMELY valuable will costs you money.
4)  Say YES to opportunities that make your heart race with excitement, even if it’s out of your comfort zone, and even if you may not know what the outcome will be.

These seemingly synchronistic, perfectly timed events, connections and personal time was a catalyst for some BIG changes in my business which I’ll cover in blog posts to come.  But, the time away from my business during those 3 days allowed me the space that I so desperately needed to reconnect with the passion that I have for my business.  It also gave me time to search for the clarity and direction that I had so  desperately been wanting.

Tasty Takeaway’s:

1)  Having distance from your business can offer clarity, direction, and opportunities that you may have never though possible.
2)   Take time to step back once in a while. You’ll be AMAZED at what you’ve already accomplished.
3)  Leave the ego behind.  Have fun imagining, exploring, and challenging yourself to look at your situations in different ways.  One of my all time favorite sayings that help me get out of those moments of stress and overwhelm is:

“If it were fun and easy, what would it look like?” 

So, where does this term the “sacrificial woman” come from and why am I talking about it?

This term came to me during a very strong overwhelming intuitive experience that I had while I was brainstorming with another AMAZING woman entrepreneur at the Washington event this past week.   

This beautiful term “Sacrificial Woman” was followed by tears of joy and emotionally beautiful overwhelm.  I felt like I had reached a holly grail that I had been looking for these past 5 years.  This name “sacrificial woman” is the name of the beautiful souls that I’m here to support.  The name that these women will find, connect with, and deeply resonate with. 

But, that was just the start…


So, now that I had this powerful, beautiful term that my heart was overwhelmingly connected to
what was I suppose to do with it?  What did it REALLY mean?


My next step was to research it…of course. Here’s the official definition of sacrifice as a verb:  

“To surrender or give up, or permit injury or disadvantage to, for the sake of something else.”

Wow!  I had to read that a few times. I realized that the most powerful transformations that I had taken my clients through over the last 5 years was connected to this idea of sacrifice.  No wonder I was moved so deeply while brainstorming with the ladies at the event.


Now,  my curiosity was in full throttle so I “googled” the term:  “sacrificial woman” and I was surprised that only one article came up that resonated with what I was looking for.  It is a wonderful post that described this beautiful selfless woman and some reasons why she might be lead to sacrifice herself to others.


The author talked about how women are encouraged to sacrifice their wants, aspirations and ambitions.  And, then on to state that by nature or even by learned behavior are naturally selfless putting others above themselves.  She asked a beautiful question:

‘Are making sacrifices meant to demonstrate compassion? Are Sacrifices learned and desirable purely because it demonstrates selflessness? Or are some sacrifices intrinsically made through one’s own sincere desire? Or are all sacrifices really holding hope of some kind of a reward or compensation at the end. What is it about us as women that makes us so willing to make sacrifices?’


  • Is sacrifice a demonstration of compassion?
  • Do you think sacrificing one’s self is a learned and desirable trait?
  • Is sacrifice selflessness or self-defeating?
  • Why would someone desire to sacrifice their own self or happiness?
  • What is really gained from sacrifice?
  • Why are women so willing to sacrifice?

I’d love to hear your feedback!  Please leave your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to this topic.  

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