Why Self-Care is Vital

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A few weeks ago, I was asked to be a guest host for a new local Portland, Oregon show called The Emerging Pearl.  This show was created and produced by Eliza Boné.  It’s a show to help inspire women to not merely exist but to thrive and embrace a life defined by love, courage, healing and serenity.  

It was perfectly aligned with all that I stand for in my business.  I was excited to be a part of this show.  I felt honored!

I loved the idea of bringing together local experts who are passionate about empowering women like I am.  A chance for us to bring our own wisdom together, ignite the wisdom within the viewers, and to talk about the things that aren’t being said.  

November’s segment was about self-care.   We talked about the challenges that come up around self-care.  The perceptions, thoughts and emotions that keep us from taking the much-needed time for ourselves.   We unveil some very simple yet powerful tips and techniques to easily start implementing self-care into your daily routines. 

  As women we have so much on our plates.  It’s easy to feel drained and overwhelmed.  As nurturers and givers it’s also easier to give to others before giving to ourselves.

As a woman and as a woman’s coach, I see this all too often.  I’ve battled with it myself and still do from time to time.  It’s not easy to juggle everything.  It can be even harder emotionally to have compassion on ourselves and to give ourselves the OK to take the time that we need to feel rejuvenated and healthy.

One of the biggest perceived obstacles that I hear come up for women is around time. How many times have you found yourself thinking…“If only I had more time” or “I just don’t have enough time”, or If I just had more time, I could or would (fill in the blank with something that makes you feel happy, fulfilled or peaceful).” 

Time is not the enemy.  Time is a choice.
Everyday we make decisions about what we’re going to do with the hours that we have set before us;
either intentionally or unintentionally.  Regardless, it’s within our power to change; which is the good news!    

Maybe it’s time to stop adding to our plates, start reorganizing, evaluating, downsizing and removing things that no longer belong?  Maybe it’s time to start putting yourself first?  Maybe it’s time to let go of the guilt and self-sacrifice? 

I invite you to watch this segment.  Learn some great tips that you can implement today that will help you feel more fulfilled, more balanced and more successful.  At the end of the show there are some great opportunities for you to work with each guest for free and also some helpful resources that you can receive.

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Have anything to share on this topic of self-care?  If so, comment below.  🙂

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