workshops and trainings

Amanda Bresee is a professional speaker and has been speaking since 2012.

She is currently accepting bookings for intimate woman based retreats, personal and professional development conferences, business training events, local and online radio shows, and online telesummits.

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What can I expect from Amanda as a speaker?

Amanda helps her audience to define what it is they truly crave from their life.  It can be personal growth, healing from past experiences, a better career, a healthier lifestyle, more adventure, better relationships, more balance, direction, success, love or deeper fulfillment.   For some it’s creating a business that serves their life, and one that is also aligned with their passion.

Whatever her audience is looking for, Amanda is able to help uncover what’s keeping them from attaining it, then is able to show them how to start claiming and attracting these things for themselves.    

Her deepest passion is to inspire women to connect to their own beauty, power and wisdom.  To show them that they can change their lives through acceptance, new perceptions, deep gratitude for each of their life experiences, personal appreciation, honoring one’s self, vision planning, releasing expectations, balance and creating healthy boundaries.

Because of her own challenging life experiences, over five years in business, deep level of compassion and the vulnerability that she offers, she connects quickly and intimately with the audience.  She is able to gain trust and create transformational shifts for her listeners in record time.

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What kind of events can I book Amanda for?

Conferences & Retreats

Are you a women’s conference or private retreat leader looking for a transformational speaker, an intuitive healing practitioner and/or a gifted guided meditation artist?

If so, Amanda can help you emotionally and physically transform your attendees through speaking, training, intuitive energy healing, and/or live guided meditations.

Make your event one that will be talked about for years.  Partner with Amanda today.

Radio Shows & Online   Telesummits

Are you a coach, consultant, business or personal development expert, or online telesummit host boosting your impact online through radio shows, interviews, or online telesummits?

If you are, and if you’re actively looking for experts to interview that can truly help your audience transform than, Amanda would love to partner with you.