Amazed at how clearing blocks worked…

Posted on had the privilege of using the 6 Steps to Clearing Blocks Method, with Amanda and I was amazed on how effectively it works. I would like to give a disclosure about the program and working with Amanda. Be ready for an amazing ride, if you are willing to open yourself up and allow yourself to move through the process.

When I did the process I wanted to clear the blocks and open myself up to a new career path. I have been in sales and marketing for over 5 years, and I needed something new. At first my thought process was I needed more money. Everything I needed became clear while using her method and while working with Amanda one-on-one. I found out money was the last thing I needed when I cleared out all my blocks.

Because I allowed myself to be open, the next day I was talking to a woman telling her about my work situation. She informed me she just posted a job opening and wanted me to look it over. When I went to her organization’s web site the job description looked like they wrote the position specifically for me.

With Amanda’s help I was able to a clear picture of what I truly needed. I was able to clear out blocks that were holding me back, and am now able to reach my goal. This has been amazing turn around in my life and I would highly suggest anyone to work one-on-one with Amanda.