Most of all, she taught me… that I AM beautiful

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Sharon“I began working with Amanda when I was in a low point in my life, and certainly at a cross roads.  
I just didn’t know how to begin finding my “true self”.  Never really thinking about “me”, I went through the motions of life without really LIVING my life.  Sometimes I would begin a session with her, all confused and upset, but our sessions always ended with me seeing the truth of myself.  It all started to click and go in the right direction.

She was always able to get down to the deeper things that kept me blocked.  I’ve been in therapy for 15-16 years and within a few sessions she was able to get down to the core of me. I am so very thankful that I found Amanda.

She helped me to put the past behind me and concentrate on myself.  My TRUEself.  My authentic, beautiful self who DESERVED to be happy.  (That was a real tough one for me; just the word DESERVE).  She taught me to hold my sacred space, to ask my angels for help, to ask for divine guidance, to have faith, to manifest what I want. Most of all… she taught me that I AM beautiful.”