VIP Coaching

VIP Coaching

What is coaching?

Life and business coaching is a investment for personal and, or professional growth.  It’s a co-creative partnership between a client and a coach that allows you, the client to feel 100% supported while charting your own course for change.

Coaching is a chance to be heard, to be supported, to be challenged and to be held accountable for your own goals, without judgment, shame, and guilt.

It’s a chance to have someone 100%  invested in your success, while not being attached to the outcome.  

With Claim It Live It Coaching we hold a sacred space for you to heal, to grow and to transform your life.

We. . .

  • Help you to find your unique gifts, your passions, and unique path
  • Provide an authentic reflection of what your potential is and we help you to reach it
  • Help you uncover and release the subconscious blocks that keep you from attaining what you truly want in your life
  • Uncover trauma, self-sabotage, and help you heal
  • Guide and inspire you to find your inner wisdom
  • Brainstorm with you to create processes that help you to be more productive, more successful, more fulfilled, and more balanced

Coaching with Amanda is not an outlined path to success that we teach you to adopt.  It’s a process of deep support and personal expansion;  unique as each individual that comes to us.  All session topics and direction are determined by you, the client. Our coaching sessions are focused on remaining present.

Together, we utilize the power that you have in your perceptions, life vision and actions to move you toward your goals.

Coaching provides an opportunity of clarity, accountability, direction, feedback, goal setting, vision planning, intuitive knowledge and personal inspiration.

**A coaching partnership is not used in place of psychological counseling or therapy and will not diagnose illness or pathology.** 

How do I know if your coaching services are a good fit for me?

Coaching is not for everyone, especially with Amanda Bresee.  Why?  Because the work we will do together will radically change your life and you have to be ready for that kind of shift.

If you’re. . .

  • Ready for big change
  • Prepared to dig deep
  • Open to finding self compassion, self love, forgiveness, gratitude, and ok with shifting your perceptions to wildly change your daily life
  • If you’ve tried everything else and you’re still stuck in fear, lack, unworthiness, emotional pain, overwhelm, anger, or victimization and you’re ready to release these things
  • If you find yourself pleasing others and sacrificing your own needs, wants and happiness to do so
  • If you’re looking for a sacred space to heal past wounds
  • And, if you’re looking for a co-creative partner that will show you how to infuse deeper fulfillment, balance and success into your life. . .

Then. . . Claim It Live It coaching might be for you.

Coaching with Amanda;  owner of Claim It Live It is vulnerable, raw, beautiful, authentic, personalized process with deep compassion and non-judgement.

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What’s included in our coaching partnership?

VIP Coaching Packages Include:

  • (2) 45 minute- private coaching calls each month over the phone or Skype and
  • Unlimited email coaching

As your coach I promise to:

  • Challenge and support you
  • Share intuitive messages from Spirit designed to help you expand
  • Inspire you to dig deeper into your own inner wisdom
  • Give direct and honest feedback
  • Keep the focus on your agenda
  • Listen, discern, and share suggestions and intuitive knowledge when asked for feedback
  • Assist you with designing action goals that achieve results
  • Hold you accountable, and share in your struggles and successes and finally…
  • Be a confidential partner in strategy and in your own self-discovery and personal expansion

How much does coaching cost?

A coaching partnership with Amanda requires a personal investment between $95-$250 per month.  Monthly coaching packages are set up as an auto-payment with either a credit card or PayPal account and come out on the 5th of every month. Single sessions are processed as a single payment.  Pre-payment is required prior to any coaching or healing sessions being held.

Click here to learn more about scheduling, cancellation policies, refunds and payment.

How do I get started?

All coaching partnerships include an Easy 30-day money back guarantee and begin with a free 20 minute consultation to ensure that coaching with me is a good fit for you, prior to any payments being accepted.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you think you’d like to work with me, if you think that Claim It Live It coaching may be the answer you’ve been looking for, click the link below to start with your free consultation.