When Affirmations Don’t Work

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Affirmations are soul healing, empowering and can be life changing.  They are found all over our social media networks.

They are beautifully intentioned and have the power to re-wire the brain, change your beliefs, heal your soul and change your reality.  Many may hit the heart of what you’re going through in this very moment.  They may be speaking to a dream or perspective that you are reaching for.  They are affirmations like:

“I am healthy, happy and deserve abundance.”

“I am worthy and can attract all that I am meant to.”

“I possess the talents needed to be extremely successful.”

“I choose to attract healthy, happy, positive people into my life.”

“I love my body and will cherish it today.”

You can feel your heart reach out and want to hold onto them and actualize them into your life.  So, you do.  You start to use these beautiful truths.  Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t seem to.

So, why don’t affirmations always work?

No matter how beautiful or fitting the affirmation.  No matter how perfect they might be.  If they’re not working for you it may be because of a lack of buy-in.

What do I mean?  Your heart may want to live by them and be inspired by them, but somewhere down deep you don’t believe the truth that they speak.  Your subconscious is lacking buy-in. 

We all have stories that we believe about our lives, our worth, our abilities and what we deserve…conscious or not.

Consciously you may know what you need to do or a new belief that you want to have, but subconsciously your ego or the parts of you needing healed won’t have it. They will reject this truth subconsciously, keeping you from actualizing them in your life.

What’s your story? What’s your hidden belief that may be keeping you from fully stepping into the truth of your affirmations?

Here’s a step-by-step that will help you get more from your affirmations. 

1)  Examine Affirmations & Make Them Your Own

          – Find examples that speak to your heart.

– Ask yourself, “Do I REALLY believe these affirmations?”

–  Wait to see what comes up.

This first step is the most crucial.  Why? Because if you don’t believe the affirmations, or know WHY you don’t believe them, they’re not going to work for you. 

Take some time to journal on questions like:

“What about this doesn’t seem true?”

“Why do I NOT deserve this truth?”

“What makes me unable to do this, attract this, etc.?”

“Do I feel worthy of this truth? Why or why not?”

This type of journaling and examination will help you to find the WHY behind the sabotage that occurs when you start trying to do positive, healthy, loving things for yourself like using affirmations.

Once you’ve determined that you are worthy, deserving, and you’ve designed your own affirmations you’re ready to start integrating them into your life. 

2)  Be Present & Intentional When Using Your Affirmations

          –  Get centered, grounded and focused before trying them out.

–  Create a quiet place without interruption.

–  Hold your hand on your heart and be fully present in your mind.

–  Start by saying the first affirmation

Repeat this affirmation slowly and while holding your hand on your heart.   FEEL into the words as deeply as you can.  Allow yourself to believe their new truth.  Let their truth be your truth.

If resistance comes up, stop and go back to journaling to see what’s coming up for you. What about this doesn’t feel like your truth?  Work through what needs healing, modify the affirmation if needed, or simply repeat the words until they feel like they’ve taken root in your heart.  Then, move onto the next one.

3)  Make Time to Use Your Affirmations

          – Take time as often as you can to repeat your new affirmations.  Feel into them.  Believe in yourself and in your new found truths.

This process may take hours, days or even weeks to work through completely. 

So, be patient and compassionate with yourself.

Affirmations are beautiful truths that can help change your life in drastic ways.  If at any time you’re still feeling stuck, consider working with me.  I specialize in helping my clients move through self-sabotage so they can begin to actualize what they truly deserve.  I even offer a free 20-minute consult.

 Sending Love, Happiness & Healing

Amanda Bresee

P.S I’d love to hear your feedback!  Please leave your thoughts, feelings, experiences or reactions related to using affirmations below.

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